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Deserted Bliss

Bliss Drops - Tombstone

Bliss Drops - Tombstone

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Transform your creations with Bliss Drops' Tombstone, a dynamic black with just a little hint of holographic glitter. The glitter is mostly seen if you spread the paint out, otherwise is comes out as a glossy black. Infuse your art with captivating sparkle thanks to the unique pops of glitter embedded in the acrylic paint. The result is an eye-catching finish with a distinctive pearly sheen. Tombstone got its name from a small town here in Arizona! Its almost became a ghost town, but it is known to be too tough to die! It is a boomtown (one of the last of the American frontier) made famous for the Gunfight At O.K. Corral - an event that has since been made into many Western films.


Bliss Drops are an acrylic based paint that adds dimension to your pieces. Not only do they add a cool pop of color, but they also add some sparkle! 

Make sure to shake the bottle before use. Bliss drops have a child resistant cap, so push down and turn to open! You can make big juicy dots with this paint, or squeeze some out of the bottle and use a paint brush to create amazing accents to your art! Use them in so many ways! Bliss drops dry anywhere from 1 hour-48 hours depending on how thick you apply it. Bliss drops work on many surfaces including wood, paper, plastic, rock, and canvas. Varnish or resin your bliss drops to seal the deal! Bliss drops are extremely durable, and are here to stay! 


-30ml/1oz squeeze bottles

-Add pops of color with this accent paint!

-Do not eat, and keep out of reach of children.

-More colors will come soon!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephanie Johnson
Adds great dimension

I'm loving my recent purchase of bliss drops, it adds a little bit of dimension to any piece.


Just love these paints. I use them wuite often and most definitely will be ordering more.

Courtney Dennis
Bliss Drops are juicy deliciousness

Tara knocked it out of the park with this paint! I’ve now purchased and tried all of the Bliss Drops and I’m obsessed! They stay plump and juicy without cracking and are so fun to paint with. I HIGHLY recommend these if you’re wanting to add some dimension and texture to your artwork. I’ll be making many more purchases in the future for myself as well as gifts for my fellow artist friends.

Slmmomma Crafts
Great products

Just love the paints, a very good product for diamond painting. Got in a timely manner.


I absolutely love them!!! I will definitely be ordering more 😍