Bliss Drops VS Painted Desert Acrylics

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Painted Desert Acrylics different from Bliss Drops

Painted Desert Acrylics are a lot thinner than Bliss drops. They are easier to use with brushes. Do not compare them to regular acrylics, these are very special. They add pops of colors, and create a nice "Sheen". If you are using for a basecoat, please coat with black first. They can look a little transparent when wet, but wait for them to dry and they give off a beautiful sheen!

How Do You Store Bliss Drops?

The best way to store Bliss drops is to have them sit in the upside-down position. This helps to avoid dreaded air bubbles in the nozzle of the bottles, so you don't get unintentional splats on your work of art. There are many paint storage containers that can help you achieve this, which you can find online. You don't NEED to store them this way, it just makes using Bliss Drops more convenient.

My Paint Won't Come Out of the Nozzle, What Do I Do?

This unfortunately can happen when you have fine tip nozzles. Always make sure to cap your paint after using to insure that no paint dries in the tip. If it does, you can take a needle and insert it in the hole of the tip, this should fix the issue. If it does not, you can take the tip off and check the inside. Use a tweezer and remove any dried paint that is in the inside of the nozzle tip.

How Long Does It Take For Bliss Drops To Dry?

The dry time for Bliss drops can vary depending on how thick you apply the paint. If you are squeezing the paint out onto a palette and painting with a paint brush, it should dry within an hour. If you are dotting with the tip, it can take 3-10 hours depending on how big the dots are. HUGE dots can take 24+ hours to dry.

How Can I Use Bliss Drops?

You can use them however you'd like! Bliss drops are in a squeezable bottle with a thin tip on them. This makes it easy to create super plumpy dots right out of the bottle. You are more than welcome to squeeze some out onto a paint palette and use a dotting tool, or even use a paint brush. There no correct way of using this paint, as it is paint and is meant to be used however you'd like.

What Surfaces Can I use Bliss Drops on?

Bliss Drops can be used on so many surafces. They are an extremely durable paint and they are hard to get off once dry. They work on paper, rock, glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, and even fabric! Bliss drops are multisurafce.

Can I Mix Bliss Drops with Another Medium?

You can, as long as the other medium is water based. Test it out with a little bit of paint before going forward.

What Is The Turn Around Time For Shipping?

Normally 5-7 days to ship. This is because I do everything myself. I hand make the paint, bottle it, label it, package it, etc. I also work two jobs, so I don't have all the time in the world. If I don't have an overwhelming amount of orders, packages can be shipped within 2-4 days, but normally it's 5-7. After sales and color drops, the shipping time can be 10 days. It varies on how busy it is.

How are Bliss Drops Different From Nuvo and Liquid Pearls?

Bliss drops are more like a glaze like consistancy. They are extremely pearly/shimmery/ and sometimes sparkly. I have color-shifting colors available as well as the shimmer series which is super glittery. Bliss drops are easily draggable while creating swooshes.

My Bliss Drops are Drying with a Point, How do I Fix This?

Bliss Drops shouldn't dry with a point, if they do, the paint is too thick. This can happen when it is too cold out, in the winter months. To fix this, put your bliss drop bottles in some warm water for a few minutes.

What Can I Use to Seal Bliss Drops?

You can use a spray on varnish, brush on varnish, and also resin/epoxy! Bliss Drops are super durable and wont bleed!

My Bliss Drops come out Cloudy and Dull Colored?!

This is how they are supposed to be when they first come out of the bottle. Bliss drops are very cloudy and a lot lighter when they are wet. Give them 2-24 hours to dry and watch them magically change into a shimmery and much darker color! I put dots of the color on all the caps to show you how the color dries. I call them the magical paint because of how much they change with dry time :)

How do Bliss Drops Feel when they are Dry?

Bliss Drops dry super hard and durable. They feel smooth and glossy with some texture & dimension.

Are Bliss Drops Available Internationally?

YES! I ship worldwide. If you go to the top of this page, there's a text you can click on that will bring you to my Etsy and you can find worldwide shipping there :)

How Do I Find Out More About a Color?

Each color has a description on my website which explains how the color got its name and what accents are in the color.