Collection: Bliss Drops

* Bliss Drops start out cloudy and a lot lighter when they are wet. Watch them as they dry and they turn shimmery with a fantastic color. Look at them in different lightings as well*

Bliss Drops are an acrylic based paint that adds dimension to your pieces. Not only do they add a cool pop of color, but they also add some sparkle! I make bliss drops from the comfort of my home. They are bottled at the source and made with so much love. Made by an artist, for the artist. 

 Make sure to lightly shake the bottle before use. Bliss drops have a child resistant cap, so push down and turn to open! Bliss drops are best stored by storing them upside down. This allows them to flow with no air bubbles. You can make big juicy dots with this paint, or squeeze some out of the bottle and use a paint brush to create amazing accents to your art! Use them in so many ways! Bliss drops dry anywhere from 2 hours-48 hours depending on how thick you apply it. Bliss drops work on many surfaces including wood, paper, plastic, rock, and canvas, fabric, and ceramic. Varnish or resin your bliss drops to seal the deal! Bliss drops are extremely durable, and are here to stay!

I would love any feedback about bliss drops as this is a new venture for me. I hope they bring you bliss while you are creating! Please address any problems directly to me and I will fix it asap! I want you to find bliss while you create!


Made with Bliss Drops

This Wooden Round was made exclusively with Bliss Drops and then sealed with a satin varnish.