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The story of Deserted Bliss

Hey there, fellow desert dweller! Welcome to my shop! My name is Tara, the creator of Deserted Bliss! I honestly never thought I would be where I am today with my art, and it's all thanks to you. How did Deserted Bliss come to be, you ask? I have always been creative, and one day in 2020, I decided to add dots to a painting I was creating. I instantly fell in love with this technique and started creating mandalas. I then went on to develop my own style and bring nature into the mix! This was an interesting time in my life, as I had bought a camper van and was living life on the road, exploring different places. Bliss was what I had named my van, and I am based out of Arizona, so that's how the name "Deserted Bliss" came to be! It's been a wild, ever-changing ride! I have found along this journey that creating is what gives me the most joy in life. So here I am, chasing my dream! Now, I am making my own acrylic-based paint called "Bliss Drops". Who would've thought?! Follow this crazy journey of mine and find bliss in the art you create.

Are you ready to be swept away by the enchanting world of Deserted Bliss, where dreams come true and shopping is as sweet as a juicy cactus fruit?