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Deserted Bliss

Bliss Drops - Sonoran

Bliss Drops - Sonoran

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Add a touch of radiance to your artwork with Bliss Drops - Sonoran. This pearly yellow acrylic paint is the perfect choice for adding a pop of color and depth to your pieces. Made with high quality materials, it offers a smooth and vibrant finish that will elevate your creations. Named after the Sonoran Desert that occupies most of Southern Arizona!

Bliss Drops are an acrylic based paint that adds dimension to your pieces. Not only do they add a cool pop of color, but they also add some sparkle! 

Make sure to shake the bottle before use. Bliss drops have a child resistant cap, so push down and turn to open! You can make big juicy dots with this paint, or squeeze some out of the bottle and use a paint brush to create amazing accents to your art! Use them in so many ways! Bliss drops dry anywhere from 1 hour-48 hours depending on how thick you apply it. Bliss drops work on many surfaces including wood, paper, plastic, rock, and canvas. Varnish or resin your bliss drops to seal the deal! Bliss drops are extremely durable, and are here to stay! 


-30ml/1oz squeeze bottles

-Add pops of color with this accent paint!

-Do not eat, and keep out of reach of children.

-More colors will come soon!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lori Keeler Doyle
In Love

I can't seem to get enough of Bliss Drops! They are beautiful and bring my good side. But best of all they are so touchable. Thank you for that! Right now I'm working on a santorini with random drops of alcohol ink then dot painting Mandalas. They are turning out beautiful. Inspiration from Lydia May .

Tina Proctor
Sonoran Bliss

I had been waiting on a yellow color from Tara as I was working on a Sunflower mandala for a wedding gift and boom just like that she had made one. I ordered it and it arrived in my happy mail and my gift came out amazing. Great person to order from. Tara is very friendly. Thank you!

Tina Johri
Sonoran Bliss Drops

Sonoran is a beautiful buttery yellow. Bliss Drops are so easy to use. You will love them.