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Deserted Bliss

Afterglow - Painted Desert Acrylics

Afterglow - Painted Desert Acrylics

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Get lost in the vibrant colors of Afterglow. Featuring a mesmerizing afterglow of a sunset with a pinky orange shift, these paints will bring life to your art. Perfect for creating dreamy and unique pieces. Don't miss out on the fun with these one-of-a-kind acrylics!

For best results add this product to a black canvas or use a dark background . Look at it in different lighting to see all of its magical effects!

Available in 1oz and 2oz bottles. Consistency is close to that of Deco-art Americana Paint.

Different from Bliss drops as these are a thinner paint, and they are great for painting with a paint brush as well as dotting with a dotting tool! Bliss drops are more of a puffy paint with a thicker consistency.

Shake the bottle before using.

Paint will dry within 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can coat with varnish, resin, or any finish.


If you want to thicken the paint, add some gel medium.

For thinning the paint more, use a flow or pouring medium.

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Customer Reviews

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Tina Johri

I don’t normally like orange or pink, but Afterglow is stunning. I love this color shift paint.


Beautiful colors